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THE CHALLENGE: Delivering the Psychiatric Experience

For this experiential photo activation we had to create an environment that reflects the psychiatric hospital from Amazon Prime’s new TV show Homecoming. We also had to consider that we would need to handle groups of 15-20 people quickly without delay.

SOLUTION: Custom Set Design, Volume Integration, and Creating the Environment

We partnered with Lead Dog CSM to create a custom set that reflects the processing center of a psychiatric hospital. We then set up 5 photo stations to quickly process the groups of 15-20 people. On top of that we had custom written scripts for each of our staff to act out with each participant.


Custom Set Design

Written Scripts/Acting

Custom Props

Animated overlay with instant sharing


Over 150k views on Instagram OR Over 1 million estimated impressions on Instagram

Featured on @AmazonPrimeTV and @HomecomingTV

Organic posts by major influencers

Estimated Impressions

385 unique pieces of content created

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