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Portable. Interactive. Collaborative

A New Experience 

Problem: We're always looking to innovate to bring new shiny things. Sick and tired of the old Photo Booths and Slow Motion Video services for your event? Life is too short to be mediocre and settle for less. 

Be innovative, truly. 


We want people talking about your events. 

VR Professionals 

  • 16 Engineers creating worlds. 

  • How many different worlds

  • Portable

  • Team Building

  • Collaboration


Portable and robust set up that we bring to the Activation site. Completely collaborative between 4 users with missions for team building.

Additional Options:

  • Custom Exterior Walls

  • Custom Branding of Virtual World components

  • Over 8 Worlds to navigate through and choose from  




Record HD video with a simple touch. Videos are cut together and branded. All aspects of the experience can be customized and shared via a kiosk. 


Additional Options:

  • Custom Fabric Backdrop

  • Custom Set Installation  

  • Custom Sharing Station

  • Custom User Interface 

  • Custom Wrap

  • Custom Props

Can be combined with:

  • Overlay

  • Green Screen Video 

  • Animated Overlay

  • Slow Motion Video 

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